Powerful DC-DC converter

Powerful DC-DC converters are the heart of the entire high-voltage power transmission system. The biggest problem of direct current is voltage conversion.

How to increase or decrease the DC voltage?

Until now, there has been only one answer in power engineering - first make an alternating current from a direct current. Thus, traditional DC-DC converters are forced to contain elements of alternating current systems: transformers, inverters. Unfortunately, this entails large losses on conversions and other restrictions.

S-HVDC opens up new opportunities. AC systems in DC-DC converters are no longer needed.

SHVDC based DC-DC converters have the highest gravimetric power density.

Specially developed materials, devices and elements created with their use, as well as new technological approaches made it possible to create a DC-DC converter with the maximum gravimetric power density compared to all known analogues.

Taking into account the minimum level of losses, this means that the S-HVDC DC-DC converter is the most compact and efficient on the market.

A line of innovative high-power DC-DC converters with galvanic isolation based on SHVDC is unique in its power class and forms:

Our DC-DC converter enables a bidirectional, flexibly controllable power flow while providing galvanic isolation to meet all requirements of future DC networks.

S-HVDC DC-DC converter is the heart of future intelligent DC substations for DC distribution grids. Furthermore, this DC converter can be used in large collector arrays for wind and PV Solar farms, as well as in high-power, fast charging stations for electric vehicles or in industrial DC networks.