Research & development

Oil & gas

ThermoSonic has been developed and successfully applied on the market. The technology based on the principles of electricity conversion is used for the extraction and transportation of high-viscosity oil, for the removal of paraffin and asphaltene deposits in oil-producing wells, tank cleaning and crude oil recovery.

Energy storage. New types of Li-ion battery

New types of batteries are being developed: safe and non-flammable, low-temperature (up to -80 C), with a long life cycle (over 20,000 cycles), high-current (up to 100C). There is a clean laboratory, most of the equipment is designed and developed in-house, taking into account the key elements of the technology and our own know-how.

Power generation. Non-silicon solar cells

Silicon-free solar cells have become a real alternative to traditional silicon cells. Perovskite solar cells, the study of which was started by Professor Graetzel, are already comparable in efficiency with classical silicon cells, their efficiency is already more than 25%. However, the stability and long service life of perovskite elements is a challenge. We are developing in this direction with great interest.