Complete S-HVDC transmission line solutions

S-HVDC allows to create turnkey power transmission systems, including innovative intelligent substations and use standard HVDC cable lines. The system is similar to classic HVDC solutions, but it has a number of key advantages: thanks to new approaches to the development of the basic elements of the system, it was possible to completely eliminate the need to use ac systems, including bulky AC transformers. This approach made it possible to reduce the losses that occur during AC/DC conversion up to 5 times.

Due to our know-how, we managed to increase the capacity of traditional HVDC cable lines up to 5-7 times. It became possible to use existing cable lines and transmit several times more electric power through them.

Integration of S-HVDC system to the power supply chain in the new and existings cities, remote urban areas or industrial zones improve the whole energy balance and make the sustainable economic growth possible.

Smart & distributed power grids

It does not matter how many sources and consumers are connected to the network and where they are located. S-HVDC makes it possible to build decentralized smart distributed power grids in which energy flows can be monitored and controlled in real time and move in different directions.