S-HVDC Technology

The rapid development of power semiconductor technology in the late 20th and 21st centuries dramatically increased the efficiency of direct current systems compared to alternating current. Transmission of electricity over long distances with low losses, underwater and underground high-voltage power transmission lines, smart and flexible management of power flows, highly efficient solutions for green energy - all these are the strengths of high-voltage DC transmission lines.

But HVDC systems still have the potential for development. S-HVDC is the next step in the development of DC systems: the equipment becomes more compact, the conversion&transmission losses become smaller, the line throughput increases, the controllability becomes more accurate and flexible. New products with unique characteristics are being created.


Green energy solutions

Sustainable development is our absolute priority. The clean energy industry requires modern approaches not only in generation, but also in transformation, transmission and distribution. S-HVDC offers the most efficient solutions for green energy:
  • the lowest losses during conversion and transmission
  • solutions for underwater energy transmission systems for offshore wind turbines
  • building smart distributed networks.

In addition S-HVDC improves even fossil-fuel electricity sources: reducing losses has a positive effect on climate conservation.

Application areas

Green energy
Electric vehicles
Industrial DC girds
DC substations