About S-HVDC Technology

The electric power industry in the past and current generation is constantly changing. Amazing discoveries were made by scienitists and engineers, approaches in the generation, transmission and consumption of electricity are improving permanently.

AC to DC

In the last century the priority was given from direct current to alternating current transmission. But later in XXI again we return to direct current, already with a modern technologies and extensive experience.

Today, most advanced projects for the transmission of large volumes of electricity are based on HVDC technology. This development was made possible thanks to a huge breakthrough in the field of power semiconductors.


However, many challenging and complex tasks still need to be solved to unlock the potential of HVDC. Experience and achivements of our team contribuite to introduce imporante innovation to this market. S-HVDC is a new stage in the development of high-voltage DC systems. We are taking a confident step forward on the path of improving and developing HVDC.

The lowest losses rate

S-HVDC is a technology for converting, transmitting and distributing electricity with the lowest level of losses in comparison with all known technologies. All products based on this technology meet the highest requirements of sustainable development.

New devices & solutions based on S-HVDC principles accelerate sustainable evolution of electric power industry.